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Katie Soudry




Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pilates workshops in english 

with Katie Soudry

WITHOUT BREATH THERE IS NO MOVEMENT – Enveloping movement with our breath, allowing breath to guide our movement.  Without this, there is no yoga. 

After many years of Yang activity, competitive horse-riding, caving, parachuting, abseiling, triathlon, road cycling, long distance swimming and mountain walking and pushing her body to the point of extreme fatigue, Katie realised she needed to take a step back, discover or embrace her Yin element and has now let go of that Yang guided ego and is relishing more restorative practices and mindful walks absorbing nature!  Katie believes our very breath is linked to every single natural element & being on this planet and without this connection mankind will suffer greatly.  Her biggest passion is seeing people from all walks of life making this connection whether it be tending a garden, walking in a local park or climbing the highest peaks for she believes that if everyone can see the beauty of our natural world, how we are in fact simply part of it, then this wonderful planet can once again thrive.

She likes to bring a similar connection within her yoga practice too, guiding her students to introspection via the asanas or postures.  A moving away from our everyday very pushy western lives towards a restorative letting go.  For this reason, Katie’s Yin & Hatha Yoga classes are gentle and accessible to everybody as she feels that yoga is about the way we walk through life and carry the spirituality off of our mats and in to our everyday lives rather than simply a physical exercise.  Katie is an International Yoga Alliance YTT200 qualified teacher and is constantly furthering her studies working her way towards YTT500.  Passionate about the ancient wisdom teachings of Taoism, Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras these are her main guide in life.

Katie is also a Body Control Pilates qualified advanced teacher and as well as having several additional qualifications within this domain has now been teaching Pilates for over 12 years.  She has a great fascination with anatomy and kinesiology and how the body moves in exercise.  She has learnt to teach exercise in a very safe way, paying attention to the alignment and movement patterns in order to prevent injury and build strength and fluidity.  Pilates is about functional movement, creating a healthier body in order to carry out normal daily activities, sport or other disciplines with ease and she enjoys bringing this gift to anybody regardless of age or ability.

"Above all, I believe every single one of us is a deeply spiritual being.  It’s available to every person walking the street, every person we pass in our lives regardless of who they are.  Yoga can guide us on this journey in every way as well as being a wonderful way to keep the mind and body strong and supple! "

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Check out the timetable for more details or email her on 

Renseignements : 07 87 43 37 13


1st trial lesson 5 euros (which includes 2 euros adhesion to the Dojo)

Classes are 40 euros in advance for four week blocks.  This works out to 10 euros per lesson.  

There is also an adhesion to the Dojo of 2 euros per lesson or 20 euros for the entire year.

Prévoir adhésion au DOJO, ponctuelle : 2 € ou adhésion annuelle : 20€

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